Mollificio Luigi Codega  S.r.l. produces and distributes pressurizing springs, traction springs, torsion springs and shaped springs. The Company also makes customized springs according to client designs.
Mollificio Luigi Codega srl

Traction springs

Traction springs

Mollificio Luigi Codega traction springs are produced according to specific client requirements so as to satisfy any need; the in-house technical department offers a complete consultancy service in order to design and produce specific springs for specific functions.

Mollificio Luigi Codega traction springs are accompanied by test certificates and subjected to load tests to ensure that each spring fully complies with the technical specifications requested by the client and for maximum guarantee during all phases of use.

For this reason, test and inspection certificates and certificates of conformity – regarding both the product and the materials used – are issued for each spring, which is intended for a wide range of industrial applications (the metallurgical and mechanical industry, the textile industry, the automotive and motorcycle industry, the aeronautics industry, the components industry, the electromechanical industry, the household electrical appliances industry, the arms industry and the furnishing industry, just to name a few).

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