Mollificio Luigi Codega  S.r.l. produces and distributes pressurizing springs, traction springs, torsion springs and shaped springs. The Company also makes customized springs according to client designs.
Mollificio Luigi Codega srl

Shaped springs

Shaped springs Italy

Mollificio Luigi Codega S.r.l. produces shaped springs in a variety of different materials and shapes, according to client designs.

The in-house technical department offers a complete consultancy service for the realization of products with optimal technical characteristics for all uses.

Experienced and qualified personnel scrupulously follow all production processes, which are guaranteed by test and inspection certificates and certificates of conformity carried out by utilizing advanced high-precision computer systems.

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Via Paradiso n. 3
23864 Malgrate (LC)
Phone.: +39 0341 582631
Fax: +39 0341 207558

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